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Help for Families

Tasmanian Parenting Services

The Australian Parenting website provides details of services available across Tasmania. There are several support lines for various issues you might face with parenting. These are all available to contact on the Tasmanian Services page of the Australian Parenting website.

Private Rental Support Service – rent and removals

Gateway services – Colony 47, and Anglicare are funded by Housing Tasmania to provide assistance with bonds, removal assistance and/or rent in advance or arrears. There are also ‘one off’ assistance packages available.

Eligibility for any of these services extends to those that fall within the Centrelink Health Care Card income threshold. Policy under the Affordable Housing Strategy also means that single people with an income of up to 20% more than the threshold limit may be eligible for assistance, and for families or couples with up to 10% above the threshold.

Family Violence Counselling and Support Service

The Department of Health provides the Family Violence Counselling and Support Service (FVCSS) through therapeutic and counselling sessions for children, young adults, and parents. It is part of the Safe at Home Initiative, which is a whole of government initiative to minimise the harm arising from domestic violence, prevent domestic violence, and educate about domestic violence both with offenders and the community at large. The FVCSS provides both adult and children & young persons programs.

Disaster Welfare Plan

Under the State Disaster Welfare Plan, the Department has responsibility for coordinating personal services and relief financial assistance to disaster-affected persons. The maximum grant available for eligible persons is $7,300 over 6 months. There is also an Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment, which provides one-of assistance to Australians adversely affected by a major disaster.

Page last updated 16/12/2023

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