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  • 12 Government, Administration and Justice
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Government, Administration and Justice


This section provides information on public law; the role of and areas covered by the Ombudsman, the right to information, privacy and appealing/challenging a government decision.


Administrative Law – Challenging Government Decisions

This chapter provides extensive information about administrative law (government decisions) for both Tasmanian and Commonwealth government departments. The chapter explains what administrative law is, who can appeal a government decision and the process and procedure that is involved in reviewing a decision as well as detailing judicial review.


The Ombudsman plays a key role in ensuring government offices and official decisions are accountable and transparent. This chapter explains the way the Ombudsman’s office works and the areas covered by the Ombudsman. Practical information regarding how to make a complaint is also provided.

Freedom of Information and the Right to Information

This chapter explains the Commonwealth freedom of information and Tasmanian right to information laws and processes. The chapter outlines what right to information is, the type of information that can be made available as well as how decisions are reviewed.


What is privacy and how is it protected? This chapter explores the Commonwealth and Tasmanian laws of privacy and explains how personal information is protected, as well as discussing privacy principles, complaints and police power in relation to personal privacy.

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