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How to Use This Handbook


The Tasmanian Law Handbook is intended to be accessible to everyone.

There are two ways of navigating the information it contains.

  1. The search function allows you to look up mentions of specific words and phrases. This is located at the top right hand corner of your screen or on the title page of the Law Handbook
  2. The drop-down menu on the left of your screen lets you see what each of the chapters is about.

The Handbook is an introduction to the law for people who would like to know more about it. You may be

  • coming into contact with the legal system,
  • facing a neighbourhood dispute, or
  • having a disagreement with government.

The handbook has been divided into a number of sections to address the subjects that most commonly arise as issues for people. This includes such topic areas as ‘Court’, ‘Crime’, and ‘Family Law’.

The information contained here is not intended to be a replacement for legal advice, it is a resource to help inform people of the law.

For legal advice, please look to the Legal Assistance chapter in this section, where the contact details for free legal advice services are provided, as well as law firms specialising in different areas of the law.

Author information

The handbook editor is Lucy Smejkal.

Any queries or comments can be sent to

Author and contact information

The current editor of the Tasmanian Law Handbook Online is: Lucy Smejkal If you would like to contact the editors to inform them of errors in the Handbook or changes in the law of which you think they should be aware please email:

Page last updated 20/03/2024

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