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  • 05 Community – taking care at home, on the road and online
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Community – taking care at home, on the road and online


This section covers a large range of community and environmental topics, from neighbourhood disputes, immigration and citizenship and road rules for cyclists and skaters. See the headings for information on the specific issue you are seeking to learn about.


Community Organisations

The information provided in this chapter explains different types of organisation structures to assist people who are creating an organisation or established organisations seeking clarification on the laws and policy surrounding how organisations operate.

Dogs, Cats and Animal Control

This chapter provides information concerning animal care, wildlife and injuries caused by other animals as well as detailing the contacts and resources available to people in Tasmania.

Guardianship and Administration for Adults

This chapter provides the organisational structure of guardianship and administration in Tasmania alongside information about what guardianship means, circumstances when a guardian is needed, administrators and important contacts and resources.

The internet and the law

This chapter explains how the law addresses a person’s use of the internet, how copyright and the internet works alongside detailing consumer issues related to online shopping such as, purchasing goods from overseas and within Australia, defamation, making complaints and contacts and resources.

Road Rules for Cyclists and Skaters

There are certain rules that all road users (drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and skaters) must abide by. This chapter explores the current Tasmanian road rules and addresses other laws and regulations that apply to cyclists, skateboarders and others.

Page last updated 14/02/2024

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