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  • 14 Housing – Renting and Buying
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Housing – Renting and Buying


This section provides information on public housing, planning and development laws, selling and buying a house, and information on residential tenancy.

This section explains the law and process involved in public housing as well as outlining planning and development controls (for owners intending to renovate or make significant alterations). This section provides information on residential tenancy. This information is for landlords and tenants. There is also information on buying and selling a property.


Public Housing

This chapter explains the system of public housing in Tasmania, including; eligibility for public housing, how a person is assessed, the expenses involved for tenants, privacy, eviction and contacts and resources.

Planning and Development Controls

This chapter details the laws and regulations surrounding land and property in Tasmania, including; information on the application process and the controls that are in place, the laws that apply, environmental issues and management tools, payment of rates, heritage issues, how environmental impacts are assessed and contacts and resources available.

Residential Tenancy

This chapter explains the concept of a ‘tenancy’ and what distinguishes this type of arrangement from a boarder. The chapter details the distribution of responsibility for paying for maintenance and repair as well as how to end a tenancy agreement. Further details are provided on how bond (security deposit) works and addresses commonly asked questions.

Buying and Selling Real Estate

This chapter explains the different ways a person can own property as well as describing the process of buying or selling real estate and the role of conveyancing for both buyers and sellers.

Page last updated 19/11/2018

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