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  • 03 Accidents and Insurance
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Accidents and Insurance


This section covers three separate areas of law: negligence, motor vehicles and insurance. These are complex areas of law, and remember: legal advice is always important.

  • The law of negligence concerns where a person suffers an injury or accident and may be liable for compensation. This section explores the relevant legislation and legal requirements that must be satisfied for the injured person to hold the other party liable and receive compensation.
  • The chapter on motor vehicles discusses what happens after an accident (self-help in handling a claim) as well as legal obligations and determining whether to sue another party involved.
  • The section on insurance covers different types of insurance, how to go about obtaining insurance, complaints, exclusions and the role of insurance brokers.



This chapter considers major types of insurance (car, personal injury), how to obtain insurance, what different parts of the insurance contract mean, the essentials to reading an insurance policy, practical advice on renewal and cancellation, what may be excluded from an insurance contract and the role of insurance brokers.

Motor Vehicle

This chapter provides practical information on what happens when a person is involved in an accident and how to handle an insurance claim. Information is also provided for circumstances where there is personal injury, insurance does not cover the accident and determining whether to sue another person as a result of a motor vehicle accident as well as the different types of insurance available and claiming compensation.


This chapter covers what an action in negligence means, the law underlying compensation and bringing an action in negligence, accidents on land, time limits that apply to bringing an action, when a person is intoxicated, how much a person may be entitled to if an action in negligence is successful and common defences to negligence.

Personal Injury

This chapter still needs a description to be added

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