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  • 15 Immigration Law
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Immigration Law


This chapter explores the migration regulations and citizenship information in Australia. This includes different types of Australian visas, the status of unlawful non-citizens, how decisions are reviewed by the Department, useful contacts and other available resources.

Introduction to Immigration Law

This chapter explores immigration and citizenship law in Australia. This includes types of Australian visas, the status of unlawful non-citizens, reviews of migration and visa decisions made by the Department of Home Affairs (hereinafter the Department). There are also useful contacts and other a...

Immigration Law in Australia

Regulation of migration has become an important part of the nation state system. Immigration law in Australia is the responsibility of the Commonwealth government. The government department in charge of immigration matters is the Department of Home Affairs (hereinafter ‘the Department’). The name...

Types of Australian Visas

Visas and passports are a means of identifying and regulating people within a country. Immigration is part of the greater workings of the State system, upon which the global economy, and global politics is dependent. States have a responsibility to ensure they know who is leaving and entering the...

Criminal offences

This chapter still needs a description to be added

Decision Making

Granting a Visa Whether or not a visa will be granted will depend on only one issue: does the applicant satisfy the criteria set out in the visa? There is no variability based on whether the decision maker is having a bad day, or doesn’t like the applicant’s spelling. The decision maker makes ...

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