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Work and Workers


This section looks at employer and employees rights and obligations, workplace health and safety, and workers compensation. It is a good resource for employers and employees alike. This section is divided into three parts.

The first part provides an overview of the rights, entitlements and obligations of employees in Tasmania. The areas covered in this part include: the sources of employment law, employment contracts, national employment standards, awards, termination and unfair dismissal, workplace agreements, industrial action and the role of the Fairwork Commission.

The second part considers workplace health and safety (‘WHS’) considerations (such as the duty of employers to meet certain standards) and relevant actors in WHS (such as WorkSafe).

The third part details the law on workers compensation and describes the circumstances where an employer may be liable to pay compensation as well as detailing the process and procedure for making a workers compensation claim.


Employment Law

This chapter explains the law that applies to employment relationships (employer/employee) and the way the law operates, including through the sources of the employment relationship (contract or award), the enforcement of an employment agreement, general protections and safeguards for employees as well as resources and contacts in Tasmania.

Workplace Health & Safety (WHS)

This chapter covers the regulatory role of Worksafe Tasmania, the duties of employees and employers, and an explanation of what the Work Health and Safety Act 2012 covers.

Workers’ Compensation

This chapter covers circumstances where an employer may have to pay compensation (or damages) to an employee. This chapter also covers the procedure involved for an employee claiming workers compensation.

Page last updated 19/11/2018

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