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Crisis Payment and Rent Assistance

Crisis Payment

A person may be eligible for a payment in particular situations if they are in severe financial hardship and have just come out of confinement, are recently homeless in some situations (such as domestic violence) or have just arrived in Australia on a humanitarian visa or another reason in the legislation applies. These claims must generally be made within seven days of the circumstance occurring.

Rent Assistance (ss1070-1070Y)

A person qualified for social security pension, benefit or allowance, or FTB(A) at greater than the base rate, may qualify for additional Rent Assistance.

The assistance is payable to a person only if they pay at least a minimum amount of rent, which varies depending on their marital status. The assistance is not payable to a person who pays rent to a state housing authority (such as the Office of Housing). The amount of the Rent Assistance varies according to the amount of rent paid, increasing until the maximum Rent Assistance rate is reached. If a person or their partner is paid FTB, then Rent Assistance is paid as an addition to that payment rather than as an addition to the pension.

Special rules apply to single sharers, people who pay board and lodging or live in a retirement village. Special rules also apply if the person is under 21 and receiving a Disability Support Pension.

Rent assistance is not paid if the person is under 25 and living in the parental home while receiving NewStart Allowance.

Rent assistance is paid as part of another payment and may be reduced due to the income test applicable to that payment.

Page last updated 14/12/2017

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