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Bereavement Allowance

Eligibility (ss7315)

The Bereavement Allowance is payable for a maximum of 14 weeks after the death of a person’s partner. Where the person is pregnant at the time of her partner’s death, this period may be extended to the end of the pregnancy (when, in the normal course of events, she would become eligible for the PP (single) (see: “Parenting Allowances“).

To qualify for this payment, the person must have been a member of a couple whose partner has died. If the person and their partner were Australian residents when the partner died, no previous residence is required. Otherwise, the person has to have been an Australian resident and in Australia for 104 weeks or have a qualifying residence exemption. Alternatively, a woman can qualify for this allowance if, immediately before the death of her husband, a Wife Pension or Partner Service Pension (see: Part III of the Veterans’ Entitlements Act 1986 (Cth)  was payable to her and she was not in Australia at the time of her husband’s death.

Rate of Allowance (ss3291066)

The rate of Bereavement Allowance is the same as for the single Age Pension including the Pension Supplement. The rate payable is subject to the pension income or assets test.

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