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Sickness and Mobility Allowances

Sickness Allowance

Eligibility (ss7666)

To be eligible for Sickness Allowance, a person must be aged between 21 and age pension age, and must be an Australian resident.

The person must be temporarily incapacitated for work (or study, if receiving Austudy or Abstudy) and in Australia throughout the period. That incapacity must be caused wholly by a medical condition arising from sickness or an accident. Immediately before the incapacity, the person must have been in employment, and when the incapacity ends must be able to return to their job.

Incapacity for work is judged by assessing the extent to which a person’s medical condition limits their ability to engage in paid work. Sickness Allowance is also payable to recipients of Austudy or Abstudy who are temporarily incapacitated but still committed to resuming full-time study.
A person who claims Sickness Allowance within five weeks of becoming incapacitated for work may be paid from the date of incapacity.

Rate of Allowance (ss7091068)

The rate of the Allowance varies according to the age of the person. The rates are the same as for Newstart Allowance. (Also see: “Income and assets tests for Sickness, Youth, Newstart and Parenting Payment (Partnered)“, below.)

Mobility Allowance (MOB)

This allowance is available to people with a disability aged 16 years or over who cannot use public transport without substantial assistance and who are required to travel to work, volunteering or training etc.

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