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  • 13 Government Assistance and Income
  • Tasmanian Government Assistance
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Tasmanian Government Assistance

This chapter provides details on types of discounts, concessions and general help that is available to Tasmanian families, pensioners and others.

General Assistance – discounts and concessions

There are a variety of discounts and concessions available through Tasmanian government programs. The concessions website provides comprehensive coverage of these discounts and concessions by category and by concession card. These include: Housing Electricity and heating Transport E...

Help for Families

Tasmanian Parenting Services The Australian Parenting website provides details of services available across Tasmania. There are several support lines for various issues you might face with parenting. These are all available to contact on the Tasmanian Services page of the Australian Parenting we...

Help for Pensioners

The Internet Learning about the internet is important for older members of the community. There are free access Online Access Centres throughout Tasmania. The access is available to pensioners and others. The State Library is one such Access Centre. Concessions on courses through Adult Education...

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