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Contacts and Resources


For information about current payment rates: check the telephone directory or the Centrelink website (address below) and call the 13 number (for cost of a local call) relating to the payment you need information about.

The booklet Guide to Australian Government Payments, and much other information on social security payments, is available on the Human Services website.

Administrative Appeals Tribunal

8th Floor, 188 Collins Street, Hobart
(GPO Box 9943, Hobart Tas 7001)

Free call: 1800 011 140
Phone: (03) 6211 2800
Fax: (03) 6211 2899


The Guide to Social Security Law published by Centrelink (which sets out the rules it follows in administering all income security programs) can be inspected at a Centrelink office.

The text of the SSA, with annotations based on AAT and Federal Court decisions, is set out in Social Security and Family Assistance Law, published by the Welfare Rights Centre, Canberra and Federation Press, Sydney.

The Social Security Reporter, published electronically four times a year, reports current tribunal and court decisions and developments in social security law. It can be accessed on Austlii.

CCH publishes an up-to-date publication on social security law.

Each year, Centrelink produces up-to-date pamphlets on the pensions and benefits currently available and the rates at which they are paid.

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