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First Nations Organisations

Aboriginal organisations fulfil many functions in the Aboriginal community. They are a means of political advancement for the community and the maintenance of Aboriginal cultural identity in mainstream Australian society. Some are ‘grassroots’ organisations thrown up by the struggles of the Aboriginal community in these spheres. Others are the products of government attempts to ensure representation of Aboriginal interests in government decision-making processes or to regulate particular aspects of Aboriginal community life.

The State government has an Office of Aboriginal Affairs in the Department of Premier and Cabinet. Its function is to advise the government on State policies affecting the Aboriginal community. There are also a large number of community organisations set up to provide services and promote cultural and other activities in the Aboriginal community.

The largest and oldest Aboriginal organisation is the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre. It has offices in Hobart, Launceston and Burnie. As well as providing political representation and cultural promotion for the Aboriginal community, it offers a wide range of services including legal, health, substance abuse, family support, land management, child care and Aboriginal language and culture programs. The Tasmanian Aboriginal Land and Sea Council  is another organisation concerned with the protection of the cultural heritage of the Aboriginal community.

There is also the Aboriginal Provisional Government – a countrywide organisation intended to promote Aboriginal sovereignty and self-government.

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