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Australian Copyright Bodies

The National Library

The Copyright Act requires that a copy of any library material published in Australia must be deposited with the National Library. Material which should be deposited includes books, periodicals, newspapers, sheets of letter press, sheets of music, maps, plans, charts and tables. This is not copyright registration, but aims to ensure that material is preserved and assists the Library to produce comprehensive bibliographies. International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs) and International Standard Serial Numbers (ISSNs) can also be obtained from the Library. These numbers identify books. Each state also has its own deposit requirements. In Tasmania, copies of library material must also be deposited with the State Librarian, Hobart.

The Copyright Tribunal of Australia

The Copyright Tribunal of Australia is established through the Copyright Act. The Tribunal makes determination on such matters as the amount payable by way of remuneration to the owners of the various forms of copyright. It also makes determination as to the amount or royalty payable for recording of musical works, the manner of payment of royalty and the apportionment of royalty payments.

The Tribunal has the power to make declarations concerning collecting societies and educational institutions. It also makes determinations concerning licensing schemes and other licenses.

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