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  • 22 Rights in Society – from discrimination to intellectual property
  • Disability rights
  • Work and Domestic Life
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Work and Domestic Life

Offences against people in care

‘Care givers’ here refers to all people who have regular ‘professional’ dealings with disabled people, including supervisors at sheltered workshops and activity therapy centres, staff at residences or nursing homes, and other disability ‘professionals’. In terms of legal rights and liabilities, t...


This section is concerned with residential facilities such as boarding houses, group homes and nursing homes. There is usually no difference in the legal rights of people in government-controlled or in private institutions. Licensing of Residential Facilities General requirements (for example, ...

Personal Relationships

A person with an intellectual disability has the same right as anyone else to have friendships, sexual relationships, to live with someone or to marry and have children. The only qualification of this is that which arises from any guardianship order which may be enforced in relation to the person...

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