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Public Housing

This chapter explains the system of public housing in Tasmania, including; eligibility for public housing, how a person is assessed, the expenses involved for tenants, privacy, eviction and contacts and resources.

A Guide to the ‘Housing Assessment System’

The priority given to an application for public rental accommodation is determined by a weighted measure of factors related to housing need. The factors used to determine need are Adequacy; Affordability; Appropriateness. Consideration is also given under Exceptional Need. Points are awarded unde...

Eligibility for Public Rental Housing

Eligibility To apply for public rental housing, an applicant must: be a Tasmanian resident; be an Australian Citizen or a Permanent Resident; be 16 years or older; be a low income earner eligible for a Commonwealth Health Care Card; not have financial assets exceeding $35,000 pe...

Tenant Contribution, Rent, and Leases

Market Rent The maximum that Housing Tasmania charges is the Market Rent. The Market Rent is reviewed annually using information provided by the Valuer Generals Office of Tasmania. Notice given for increases in Market Rent occur in accordance with the Residential Tenancy Act, section 20. Section...


Evictions are covered by the Residential Tenancy Act, Part 4, Division 2. Evictions require that a notice to vacate be issued to a tenant either 14 or 28 days before the eviction date. The length of time is dependent on the reason for a notice to vacate. The 14 day period applies where a tenant h...

Privacy and Access to Information

Entry of Departmental Officers to a Tenant’s Home Entry is covered by the Residential Tenancy Act 1997 (Tas), which means that an occupier must be given 24 hours notice of a Housing Tasmania officer intending to come to the property. Tenant’s Files The Personal Information Protection Act 2004 ...

Contact and Resources

Department of Communities Public housing fact sheets and policies Access to personal information Contact the Area Office responsible for managing your application or tenancy records in the first instance. Email:

Tasmanian Public Housing Review

Housing Tasmania has well-defined internal mechanisms for complaint resolution. They have the Independent Housing Review Committee to handle review of decisions. There is no recourse for administrative appeal except for complaint to the State Ombudsman. Their fact sheet ‘Customer Feedback and Rev...

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