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  • 14 Housing – Renting and Buying
  • Planning and Development Controls
  • Contacts and Resources
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Contacts and Resources

Building Appeal Board Registrar

Workplace Standards Tasmania
Dept of Justice
30 Gordons Hill Rd
PO Box 56
Rosny Park, TAS, 7018
Phone: 03 6233 7657 (Outside Tasmania)
Local rate: 1300 366 322 (Inside Tasmania)
Fax: 03 6233 8338

Tasmanian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (TASCAT)

Information about the Resource and Planning Stream of the TASCAT can be found on the TASCAT website.

Environmental Defenders’ Office

Environmental Defenders’ Office

Local Council

All 29 local councils should be easily found on the internet, or in the yellow pages. For example:
Glenorchy City Council
Devonport City Council

Page last updated 06/03/2024

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