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  • Buying and Selling Real Estate
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Buying and Selling Real Estate

This chapter explains the different ways a person can own property as well as describing the process of buying or selling real estate and the role of conveyancing for both buyers and sellers.

Ways to Own Property

Apart from Crown leases, titles to real estate  in Tasmania are either under the old system (known as general law) or the Torrens Title system. Nearly all general law land has now been converted to the Torrens Title. The Torrens Title System was intended to simplify title, so that one document co...

Units, Flats and Townhouses

Company Title Under a ‘company title’ arrangement the land and buildings are owned by a private company. The company's shareholding structure is organised so that ownership of a certain number of shares entitles the shareholder to exclusive possession of a part of the building (for example, a fl...

Buying and Selling Real Estate

The transactional process for buying and selling real estate is called conveyancing. This section goes through the process of conveyancing though it does not claim to be a ‘conveyancing kit’. Readers should not rely on the information contained herein to complete their conveyancing without obt...

Conveyancing Costs – Selling

Agency Agreements If a vendor decides to sell their property through a real estate agent they enter into a contract with the real estate agent usually called an ‘Agency Agreement’ Whilst the terms and conditions of Agency Agreements vary, the Agency Agreement will stipulate that they pay the age...

Conveyancing Costs – Buying

Cost of Conveyancing The costs and disbursements to purchase a property are generally higher than the costs to sell as there is more work involved. Most law firms offer conveyancing services as part of their practice. In Tasmania there are also a number of licensed ‘conveyancers’. Licensed co...

Contacts and Resources

The Law Society of Tasmania Law Society of Tasmania or telephone (03) 62 344 133 State Revenue Office email: telephone (03) 6233 8070 or 1800 001 388 (for Tasmanian callers outside the 62 area) Mineral Resources Tasmania

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