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  • 14 Housing – Renting and Buying
  • Residential Tenancy
  • Contacts and Resources
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Contacts and Resources

If you have a rental issue it is important you get advice. The Tenants’ Union of Tasmania is an excellent first stop to seek advice on what are your rights and responsibilities.

Tenants’ Union of Tasmania

The Tenants’ Union of Tasmania is a free advice resource for public and private residential tenants. They can be contacted for telephone advice on 1300 652 641 or 6223 2641.

Consumer, Building and Occupational Services

Consumer, Building and Occupational Services provides information on renting.

The Residential Tenancy Commissioner

The Residential Tenancy Commissioner works within the Consumer, Building and Occupational Services Department. There is a range of information available on rental issues (see above), as well as what the Residential Tenancy Commissioner can do.

Page last updated 18/03/2020

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