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Spousal Maintenance

Spousal Maintenance and Maintenance Agreements

‘Spousal Maintenance’ is an amount of money paid by one party to a marriage for the financial support of the other party or their children. It is not an automatic payment upon separation, and a separated woman or man who is not caring for children and who is able to work will probably not be awar...

Variations and Urgent Payments

Varying Spousal and Non Child-Support Agency Maintenance An order for maintenance for a spouse or a child may be varied by the Court at a later date if the Court is satisfied that such an action is justified because: the circumstances of either party have changed; the cost of living has ...

Case Studies – Maintenance

The Browns Mr Brown was employed in a secure job with a high income and generous superannuation benefits. He left his wife, Mrs. Brown, after 28 years of marriage and later remarried. The three children of the marriage have all left home and are financially independent. Mrs. Brown is undertaking...

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