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  • Private Child Support and Collection Arrangements
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Private Child Support and Collection Arrangements

Parties can enter into private agreements between themselves and can also choose to collect the child support without the assistance of the Child Support Agency. The Child Support Assessment Act also provides for the registration of private agreements with the Agency which will ensure that the agreement is enforceable in the future. Parents entitled to receive child support who receive income support from Centrelink need to obtain the approval of Centrelink before they can enter into private agreements and must be getting at least 100% of the assessed amount of child support from the liable parent.

A child support agreement can be registered with the Child Support Agency for collection. This is usually the best option to ensure regular payments although where there is a history of regular payments, the CSA encourages parents to opt for private collection. If private collection later breaks down, the entitled parent can ask the agency to again start collecting the child support.

Child support agreements can only be changed with the consent of both the entitled parent and the liable parent or by order of the Court. They are usually difficult to change and parents should only sign one after receiving independent legal advice.

Page last updated 13/12/2017

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