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This chapter provides information on adoption laws in Tasmania as well as explaining who can adopt a child, where a child can be adopted from, the adoption process and the court’s approach to adoption proceedings.


The adoption of children within Tasmania is governed by the Adoption Act (Tas) 1988, and the Adoption Regulations (Tas) 2006. All sections, regulations and rules are from these sources unless otherwise indicated. Adoption creates new family relationships in law. The child ceases to be the chil...

The Adoption Act

The Adoption Act (Tas) 1988 establishes that the welfare and interests of the child or adopted person is the most important consideration at all times, and requires officials to treat adoption as a service for children. Depending on the age and understanding of the child, the child’s wishes and f...

Who Can Adopt Children?

This chapter still needs a description to be added

The Adoption Process

If the mother was married to the father at the time of the birth, or subsequently, both parents' consent is required (s29(2), Adoption Act 1988). Where a child is born to a single woman, her consent is required to the child's adoption. The father's consent is also required if he has taken certain...

Contacts and Resources

Department of Communities The Department of Communities provides information on State level adoption services. Department of Social Services The Department of Social Services website provides useful information on a range of topics and issues associated with inter-country adoption. Births Dea...

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