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  • 11 Family Law
  • Parental Responsibility – Who the Child Lives With and Communicates With
  • Who Can Apply to the Court?
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Who Can Apply to the Court?

Most court cases are between the parents of the children. However, under section 65C of the Family Law Act, an application for a parenting order may be made by:

  • either or both of the child’s parents;
  • the child;
  • a grandparent of the child; or
  • any other person concerned with the child’s care, welfare or development.

How to Apply

Applications concerning children are made to either the Family Court or Federal Circuit Court. The initiating applications are available online:

There are also Do-it-Yourself kits available for Consent Orders, which are applicable when seeking parenting orders, see:

Page last updated 28/02/2024

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