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  • Who Can Adopt Children?
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Who Can Adopt Children?

Assessment and Approval

Applicants may apply to either an approved agency or the Department of Health to adopt a local child. Applicants for intercountry adoption must apply to the Department of Health. The Regulations prescribe the application and assessment fees. Applicants are not to be accepted for assessment unless...

Adoption Placement and Requirements

Eligibility for Local Adoption or Intercountry Adoption In the case of a child who is subject to a general consent – i.e. a local adoption or an inter-country adoption, an adoption order is usually only made in favour of a married couple. Their relationship must be of at least three years durati...

Adoption by Spouse or Natural Parent or Relatives

Step-Parents: Known Child Adoptions Many couples who enquire about adopting a child born to one of them, or born to a relative of one of them, are really seeking to bring about a change in the child's legal name rather than become involved in the process of adoption. They may, in error, believe ...

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