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  • 15 Immigration Law
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  • Permanent Visas – Family and Skilled
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Permanent Visas – Family and Skilled

Family Migration

The Department administers family migration visas. Family migration visas assist parents, spouses (or prospective spouse), and child/ren (natural, adopted or orphan relative child) to emigrate and join family already in Australia. These visas require a sponsor. The sponsor must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident over the age of 18 years old. To qualify for a family migration visa, applicants must successfully pass English proficiency tests. Other tests may be required. There are significant fees associated with family migration visas. To explore your family visa options, visit the Department website.

Skilled Migration

Currently, Australia manages an invitation-only application system. This system consists of several stages including expressions of interest (EoI) applications, skills assessment applications and a points test visa application. Skilled workers can be nominated or sponsored in several ways. Business talent migrants must bring large amounts of capital and business skills or innovation. To look at skilled migration options, visit the Department website.

Page last updated 20/09/2021

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