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  • 16 The Law in Tasmania and Australia
  • Legislation
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How Legislation Is Made

Legislation usually originates as an idea for solving a social problem, promoting some desired government policy or generating government income. Sometimes law reform bodies will provide the inspiration for such ideas, sometimes a government department, sometimes an independent member of parliame...

Legislation vs Common Law

Legislation is law made by parliaments. Legislation is also known as statute law, statutes, or Acts of Parliament. In Australia, legislation is made by the Commonwealth parliament, the State parliaments, and by the legislatures of the Northern Territory, the Australian Capital Territory and Norfo...

Interpreting Legislation

Judges continue to play an important role in interpreting legislation because often the meaning of words and phrases in legislation will be undefined or hard to determine. This may be the result of simple oversight, a deliberate attempt to fudge the meaning to achieve a political compromise or a ...

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