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  • 16 The Law in Tasmania and Australia
  • Finding the Law
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Finding the Law

Primary and Secondary Sources

Sometimes finding the law is not easy, even for a lawyer. The first question is always: is there any relevant legislation? But even before that question can be answered it is important to know whether to look for Commonwealth or State legislation. If legislation is unclear or non-existent then th...

Finding Case Law and Legislation

Case Law Commonwealth and State case law can still be found in authorised and other law reports. The authorised reports of High Court and Federal Court decisions are the Commonwealth Law Reports (CLR) and Federal Court Reports (FCR). The Federal Law Reports (FLR) cover most important federal cas...

Law Libraries in Tasmania

The law library at the University of Tasmania is accessible to the public for reading in the library, but not for borrowing, unless a person purchases membership to the library. There are publicly accessible law libraries attached to the Supreme Court in Hobart, Launceston and Burnie. These ar...

Law Reform

A just and efficient system of law is so important that it cannot always be left to parliaments and judges to carry out this task. The courts must wait for the issues to come before them and often prefer to leave controversial issues to the politicians. Politicians are often reluctant to deal wit...

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