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Law Libraries in Tasmania

The law library at the University of Tasmania is accessible to the public for reading in the library, but not for borrowing, unless a person purchases membership to the library.

There are publicly accessible law libraries attached to the Supreme Court in Hobart, Launceston and Burnie. These are the:

  • The Andrew Inglis Clark Law Library located on the ground floor of the Supreme Court in Salamanca Place;
  • The Launceston Law Library located on the Ground Floor, of Staffordshire House, 56 Charles Street;
  • The North West Law Library (Burnie) located on the 1st Floor, Supreme Court Building, Alexander Street.

The Supreme Court library website provides guidance on legal research.

For more information on the law libraries attached to the Supreme Court, see the Supreme Court libraries website.

Legislation, law reports, and textbooks, can currently be found in the Law Society libraries in Hobart, Launceston and Burnie and in the University of Tasmania Law Library in Sandy Bay. The University library also has a wide variety of overseas law reports and law journals as well as internet access to a wide range of legal databases. However, you must have a username and password to use the university subscriptions to legal databases.

State libraries have legislation in the form of annual ‘statute books’ and some law textbooks as well as internet access. Rural and suburban centres may not have a large selection of legal books but can arrange inter-library loans.

Page last updated 16/12/2023

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