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  • How to Use a Mediation Service
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How to Use a Mediation Service

Although the details vary between services, these are the general steps which are followed.

  • One of the parties (Party A) contacts the appropriate mediation service either by phone or in person.
  • An ‘intake’ worker will discuss the nature of the dispute with Party A in order to judge its suitability for mediation and to find out what action, if any, has been taken already. (In some cases a direct approach to the neighbour or ex-partner would be the most productive action, but it may be helpful to discuss the best way to go about this with a neutral third person).
  • If appropriate, contact will be made with the second party (Party B), usually by letter, inviting them to participate in mediation.
  • If the response from Party B is positive, a time for mediation will be arranged.

If Party B will not discuss the problem, most services offer an opportunity for Party A to discuss it alone and work out the best course of action.

Page last updated 14/12/2017

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