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Advantages of Mediation

Mediation is non-adversarial. It does not pit one side against another in a situation in which there must be a winner and a loser. As well as ending up with winners and losers, adversarial situations often create long-lasting bitterness. An example is a court battle over the custody of children. In order to ‘win’ for their client, lawyers sometimes need to use all the ‘dirt’ they can about the other parent. In the end, nobody gains, and the children often lose. It’s hard to maintain a cordial, working relationship after an adversarial battle.

Mediations are private and confidential. Using mediators to help solve a problem isn’t a sign of weakness — it is recognition that sometimes a neutral third party is needed to help the resolution process along.

Mediation teaches skills which can be used in future dealings with a whole range of people. It is an empowering process, that is, it helps people find ways to solve their own problems, now and in the future.

Mediation is a low cost and quick way to resolve conflicts. Mediation services are either free or they charge according to their clients’ incomes. Mediations can be arranged within a few weeks of first contacting a service.

Mediation is flexible. Mediations can be arranged to suit mediator and parties working hours and time commitments.

Page last updated 13/12/2017

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