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Law Reform & Advocacy

CLCs also have a philosophy that many of the problems faced by their clients are the result of unjust laws or unjust administration of the law, and that it is not enough to simply deal with these problems at the level of the individual.

CLCs have therefore taken up general issues of concern about the law in the community such as the lack of legal protection for consumers and residential tenants, anti-discrimination provisions, the rights of and protection for children and young people, and conditions in the state’s prisons.  The aim is to change the law or the way it is administered so that the problems generated by such injustices will be overcome.

The role of centres may take such forms as assisting community organisations in campaigns, participating in Parliamentary inquiries, writing submissions, canvassing specific amendments to legislation, lobbying Ministers, and so forth.  CLCs may also combine with other CLCs within a national network of action in pursuit of such legislative reforms.

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