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  • Private: COVID-19 – the Law in Tasmania
  • When Do I have a Legal Obligation to Isolate Myself?
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When Do I have a Legal Obligation to Isolate Myself?

Once a person has been diagnosed with Covid-19 the law obligates them to comply with what authorities tell them to do and this may include self-isolation. In April 2020 the Director of Public Health made a direction, which is now the law in Tasmania, stating once a person is diagnosed with the disease they must immediately go to a suitable place to isolate themselves. You can view the actual legal document which brought these laws into place here.

The law states if a person is not in hospital getting treated they should be in their home (or primary residence). If a person does not intend to isolate at home the alternate location needs to be approved by the Director of Public Health, or another person from the Health Department who has been given the authority to make that decision. Failing to isolate once you have been diagnosed with the disease is likely to amount to a breach of this direction.

Page last updated 27/02/2022

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