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  • Private: COVID-19 – the Law in Tasmania
  • The Law for Tasmanian Residents Returning to Tasmania
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The Law for Tasmanian Residents Returning to Tasmania

Please recognise that the COVID-19 situation changes frequently. It is important that you rely on the Tasmanian Government COVID-19 response website for current information.

Tasmanian residents returning from the mainland may be able to undergo 14 days of quarantine in their own home, instead of having to pay to quarantine in a hotel. However, before making the decision to travel it is worth noting you may not be allowed to quarantine at home if you arrive in Tasmania from an area with many active cases of Covid-19.

In accordance with Section 60 of the Emergency Management Act it is an offence to fail to comply with the lawful direction of an emergency management worker who is attempting to ensure that a direction of the State Controller is being complied with. Emergency management workers include police and other government personnel. It is also an offence to knowingly provide them with false or misleading information. As such, if you break your quarantine obligations after returning to Tasmania, or provide false or misleading information about where you have been when you re-enter the State, you may be prosecuted.

*Please note where a person arrives in Tasmania from overseas Commonwealth laws, as well as Tasmanian laws, may apply.

Page last updated 02/12/2021

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