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Guardianship and Administration for Adults

Introduction to Guardianship for Adults

This chapter provides the organisational structure of guardianship and administration in Tasmania alongside information about what guardianship means, circumstances when a guardian is needed, administrators and important contacts and resources. Guardianship and Administration Legislation and Bod...

When is a Guardian Needed?

A guardian is needed where an adult with a disability cannot manage on their own with decision making. This may come about as a result of an accident, or an anticipated disability (such as with enduring guardianship). A guardian may also be needed because a person has reached 18 years of age, and...

Guardianship: What to know

This section deals only with guardianship of adults (unless for example the child is a state ward). Parents are of course the guardians of intellectually disabled children. However, as with all children, legal parental responsibility ceases at 18. (s61C(1), Family Law Act 1975 (Cth)). Guardian...


What is an Administrator? Administrators are like guardians, except they are limited to managing the financial affairs of a person with a disability. They must be suitable and willing. The same requirements apply for an administrator and a guardian: The proposed administrator must: be at...

The Guardianship Stream of the Tasmanian Civil and Administrative Tribunal

While informal arrangements are encouraged for people with a disability who may require a guardian, sometimes it is necessary to have a formal arrangement, with an appointed guardian. The Guardianship Stream of the Tasmanian Civil and Administrative Tribunal has the power to appoint guardians and...

Contacts and Resources

The Guardianship Stream of the Tasmanian Civil and Administrative Tribunal provides accessible information on its activities. The Board also produces a series of fact sheets. The contact details of the Board are available on the Tribunal website. You can also contact: Australian Guardianship...

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