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The Nature Conservation (Wildlife) Regulations 2021 issued under the Nature Conservation Act 2002  regulate the taking and possession of wildlife.

It is an offence for a person to buy, sell or possess any wildlife taken contrary to the regulations. The regulations provide for permits and licences and set out the different categories of protected and restricted animals. Schedules in the Regulations list the species which are partly protected, protected or specially protected wildlife. These include a wide range of native birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and even invertebrates such as the Tasmanian glow worm.

A number of native birds, such as the  sulphur crested cockatoo or a rainbow lorikeet may be bought, sold or held without a permit ; whereas a permit is required if a person wishes to take, have possession of, buy or sell or otherwise dispose of other protected wildlife. The regulations provide for a number of other permits and licences: for example, a permit to take wildlife for scientific or educational purposes,  and wallaby, mutton bird and hunting licences.

Page last updated 27/02/2022

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