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  • 21 Neighbourhood Disputes
  • Introduction
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Neighbourhood disputes arise over a number of issues and in a number of situations. Issues range from arguments about the exact position of boundaries to complaints about noisy children. Situations arise between two owners, or between a landlord and tenant, or between two tenants, and can involve houses and flats. When disputes arise between neighbours in strata title units, they may be resolved under special strata titles law.

There are many types of neighbours and many types of neighbourhood disputes. One thing they all have in common is that a polite but direct conversation about the matter can often remove the problem. If your neighbour is doing something which you think unreasonably interferes with you or your property, talk about it.

  • Talk about it early (before you become angry or emotional);
  • Talk about it directly (so there is no misunderstanding); and
  • Talk about it politely (remember, you have to continue living in proximity).

Page last updated 22/01/2020

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