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  • The Tasmanian Health Complaints Commissioner
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The Tasmanian Health Complaints Commissioner

What is the Office of the Tasmanian Health Complaints Commissioner (OHCC?)

A major function of the Office of the Health Complaints Commissioner (OHCC) is to receive, assess and resolve complaints about health services in Tasmania. A second function is to identify and review issues which arise out of health complaints and to suggest ways of improving health services and ...

The Complaint Process with the Health Complaints Commissioner

Health services that can be investigated include all types of health services, both public and private. Providers include public or private practitioners, nursing homes, hostels or supported accommodation houses, public or private hospitals, an alternative health care provider, or any other perso...

Tasmanian Health Practitioners Tribunal

Complaints against practitioners registered with one the 14 National Health Practitioner Boards, if judged serious enough, will be directed to the Health Practitioners Tribunal. Their website provides details on making an application to be heard, legal representation, appeals, and how the tribuna...

Page last updated 14/12/2017

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