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Orders for Admission to a Secure Mental Health Unit

Admission to Secure Mental Health Units

An order to move an involuntary patient to a Secure Mental Health Unit must be authorised by the Chief Forensic Psychiatrist.  Such an authorisation may only be given if:

  • the patient is already being detained in an approved hospital (such as might occur under a treatment order); and if
  • the Chief Civil Psychiatrist has formally requested it.

The Chief Forensic Psychiatrist must be satisfied that:

  • the patient is, by reason of mental illness, a danger to himself or herself or to others;
  • that danger has become so serious as to make the patient’s continued detention in the hospital untenable;
  • in the circumstances, the Secure Mental Health Facility is the only appropriate place where the patient can be safely detained; and
  • the Facility has the resources to give the patient appropriate treatment and care.

The Chief Forensic Psychiatrist, in consultation with the Chief Civil Psychiatrist determines the period for which the detention lasts, and to give notice of it, as well as the reasons for the detention, to the patient.

Page last updated 28/02/2022

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