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  • 12 Government, Administration and Justice
  • Commonwealth Review Processes
  • Administrative Law – Challenging Government Decisions
  • Commonwealth Social Security Appeals Tribunal (SSAT)
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Commonwealth Social Security Appeals Tribunal (SSAT)

The SSAT, over time, has evolved from a relatively informal tribunal to one with many of the formalities of the larger tribunals, such as the AAT. It is absolutely necessary that you seek legal advice before going to the SSAT, and the Community Legal Centres in Tasmania can provide this advice, as well as representation.

The procedures and processes of the SSAT are similar in substance to those of the Commonwealth AAT. In terms of content, the SSAT will most often hear cases to do with minor debts, eligibility for assistance, and other minor issues. Complex issues, such as marriage like relationships often end up before the AAT, as decisions to do with benefits, children, and custody will often be complex and require more attention than can be provided at the SSAT. Other issues, such as recognition of a relationship can be dealt with by the SSAT. For example, a male and a female student are sharing accommodation, are not in a relationship but have been classed as in a relationship by Centrelink. If this affects their benefits the issue may be brought before the SSAT.

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