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  • 12 Government, Administration and Justice
  • Administrative Law and Review
  • Administrative Law – Challenging Government Decisions
  • Some things to consider
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Some things to consider

You need to ask yourself several questions before initiating a review/reconsideration, or the next step along in the appeals process. Ask yourself:

  • Have you sough an internal review/reconsideration?
  • Have you sought legal advice?
  • What advice have you been given?
  • What is your complaint?
  • Who made the decision?
  • Which government department or other body did they belong to?
  • Is it Commonwealth or Tasmanian?
  • Have you spoken to the Ombudsman’s Office? (see Ombudsman section)
  • Are you seeking a merits review? Is it a Commonwealth or Tasmanian matter? See: Cth and Tas sections
  • Are you seeking a judicial review? Is it a Commonwealth or Tasmanian matter? See: Cth and Tas sections

To initiate a review, you should consult legal advice – seek the help of your local legal service. Your avenues of appeal include, and should begin with internal review through the decision making body. Make inquiries with that body about a reconsideration of the original decision. If it is a Tasmanian state decision, you could also speak to the Tasmanian Ombudsman’s Office, or make enquiries at the Magistrates Court about their Administrative Appeals Division (hereinafter ‘the AAD’). For Commonwealth reviews, seek advice from the decision making body, contact the Commonwealth Ombudsman, or check the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) website.

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