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What to Do After an Accident

Practical Steps

When a driver is involved in an accident, the following steps should be taken if practicable:

  • take the names and addresses of any witnesses;
  • if possible, make handwritten notes of any conversation with the other person involved in the accident. Make a sketch plan including distances, width of street, lane markings and any other significant features of the accident scene. If the person has a camera, take photographs of the scene;
  • obtain full particulars of the driver and owner of the other vehicle, the registration number of the other vehicle and find out if the vehicle is insured and if so with which insurance company;
  • do not make any admissions about liability for the accident or this may invalidate insurance;
  • even if undecided about whether to make a claim on an insurance company, report the accident to the insurer as soon as possible. Otherwise, the insurance company may try to deny compensation if a claim is made later.

Legal Obligations

After an accident, the drivers involved must stop immediately and assist any person who may be injured. If required to do so, the driver has to show or give to the other driver, or to any police who are present, or to any injured person or any other person involved in the accident the following information:

  • their licence;
  • their name and address and that of the owner of the car; and
  • the registration number of the car.

Police can also require the driver to give details of the time, place and nature of the accident, the names of the persons involved and of witnesses and details of injury and damage.

Further, if involved in an accident, the driver must report to the police any accident in which a person is injured or killed. They must also inform the Motor Accident Insurance Board (MAIB) in writing of an accident in which any person is injured or killed. Leaving the scene of an accident without exchanging details is a criminal offence.

Page last updated 15/12/2017

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