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Work Safety – a general overview

There are extensive materials on work place safety available on the Worksafe Tasmania website. These materials cover topics from asbestos removal to volunteers. There is also general information on duty of care, consultation changes, health and safety representatives, discriminatory conduct, offences and penalties, regulators and inspectors.

This chapter provides an overview of the area of Work Place Health and Safety law. For more in depth information that that provided here, please go to the Worksafe website, where a number of information sheets have been generated to provide general fact sheets and guides, interpretative guidelines, Codes of Practice, and guides to the work health and safety legislation and regulations.

Work Place Health and Safety is covered by a variety of statutes. The primary Tasmanian legislation is the Work Health and Safety Act 2012, however there are a number of pieces of legislation that apply in Tasmania and are administered by WorkSafe Tasmania. The Tasmanian Act is harmonised with the national legislation.

Page last updated 25/02/2020

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