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  • The State Courts of Tasmania
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The State Courts of Tasmania

The Supreme Court of Tasmania

Tasmania has a two tier court system made up of the Magistrates Court and the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court acts as an appeals court. Other states have a three tier system due to larger population sizes and greater case loads for courts. The administrative and ceremonial head of the Supreme C...

The Magistrates Court

The Magistrates Court is the ‘workhorse’ of the legal system. The vast majority of people who have contact with the courts will do so through the Magistrates Court. The Magistrates Court deals with the bulk of criminal matters in Tasmania. It also deals with civil cases up to a money limit of $50...

State Tribunals, Commissions and Boards

The State court system has a number of important specialist courts called ‘tribunals’ or ‘commissions’. The three most important are the Workers Compensation Tribunal (, the Tasmanian Civil and Administrative Appeals Tribunal (...

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