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Parole and Probation

Contrary to popular belief, most offenders do not reoffend. Recidivism rates depend on the offence and category within the offence group, whether the offender is a first time offender, or a repeat offender already, and also the age of the offender. Of course, recidivism data is not entirely reliable, because some offences go undetected or unreported and recidivism data is based either on reconviction or rearrest rates. Self-reporting of reoffending is also unreliable as some self-reporters may exaggerate, or misrepresent their reoffending in other ways.

Parole is the release of the offender from custody, with a set of conditions, after having served less than their full sentence, but having served their minimum non-parole period or longer.

Page last updated 29/07/2019

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