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  • 04 The Justice System
  • Appearing in Court
  • Offences tried by Judge and Jury: Indictable Offences
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Offences tried by Judge and Jury: Indictable Offences

Preparation for the Trial

Deciding the Charge If a defendant is committed for trial and is released on bail, they may have to wait up to six months before the trial starts. If they are held in custody, there may be a wait of two to three months. The minimum period is 7 weeks. The depositions are sent to the Crown, who...

Preliminary Proceedings

As explained above, summary offences are generally the less serious offences, which are normally heard and decided by a single magistrate in a Court of Petty Sessions. The more serious offences are generally heard before a judge and jury in the Supreme Court, and are called ‘indictable’ offenc...

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