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  • 12 Income and Government Assistance
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Income and Government Assistance


This section explores the law and obligations of superannuation and taxation as well as detailing the social policy and requirements to receive financial assistance from both the Commonwealth government and Tasmanian government.



What is superannuation and how does it work? This chapter explains superannuation schemes and the benefits of superannuation as well as exploring how trustee or insurer decisions can be reviewed.


This chapter provides extensive information on taxation in Australia with details on income tax, goods and services tax (GST), fringe benefits, tax file numbers and state duties. Remember – you must consult the Australian Tax Office (ATO) or a tax agent if you have any questions.

Tasmanian Government Assistance

This chapter provides details on types of discounts, concessions and general help that is available to Tasmanian families, pensioners and others.

Social Security (Centrelink)

This chapter provides information on the types of financial assistance available to individuals and families as well as detailing how to appeal a decision and the compensation and damages that may be available.

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