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  • Family Violence
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Family Violence

This chapter details what family violence is, the process of a family violence matter from the first attendance of police through prosecutions, the court process, protection and resources for victims and affected children, penalties and services available to victims and offenders.

What is Family Violence

Family violence isn’t just hitting. The Family Violence Act (Tas) 2004 defines family violence as any of the following types of conduct committed by a person directly or indirectly, against that persons spouse or partner: assault, including sexual assault; threats, coercion intimidation o...

Safe at Home

Safe at Home is a whole of government strategy to reduce the incidence of family violence in Tasmania. Numerous branches of government, including the Justice Department and the Tasmania Police participate in this strategy. Safe at Home legislation was considered by the Tasmanian government as ...

The Family Violence Act 2004 (Tas)

In 2004, the Tasmanian government launched the Family Violence Act 2004 (Tas) and a new approach to family violence – to focus on the safety, psychological wellbeing, and interests of people affected by family violence. This does not exclude offenders, as they are also affected by family violence...

The Children, Young Persons and their Families Act 1997 (Tas)

The Children, Young Persons and Their Families Act (Tas) 1997 (CYPFA) is an Act to provide for the care and protection of children and related purposes. The Act is intended to provide for the care and protection of children in a manner that gives a child opportunity to grow up in a safe and stabl...

Resources for Victims and Offenders

Victims of family violence have to remember that it is not just themselves, but also their children who are affected by violence. The impacts of family violence on children are huge, and can result in children later becoming abusers themselves, and in the short term, impact on their social relati...

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