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  • 03 COVID-19 – the Law in Tasmania
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COVID-19 – the Law in Tasmania


Financial penalties for breaching COVID laws

There are significant financial penalties for failing to comply with a lawful requirement or direction of an emergency management worker - this includes police officers and other officials in the COVID-19 space. Lawful requirements and directions include stay at home, quarantine and isolation con...

The Legal Basis for the Tasmanian Government’s COVID-19 Laws

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to rapid and exceptional changes in Tasmanian law. You can view the current directions on the Tasmanian Government's COVID-19 response website. Under normal conditions, laws which impact Tasmanian’s freedom of movement, or the activities of businesses, would need ...

Laws Brought in Under the Public Health Act

The first step in bringing COVID-19 laws into force involves Section 14 of the Public Health Act - this section lets the Director of Public Health declare a public health emergency. The first time Tasmania’s Director of Public Health issued a notice declaring a public health emergency, as a resul...

Laws Brought in under the Emergency Management Act

In addition to the new Covid-19 laws brought in under the Public Health Act the Tasmanian Premier has also declared a state of emergency under Section 40 of the Emergency Management Act 2006. The first state of emergency declaration was made in March 2020; because the laws only allow these to las...

The Law for Non-Tasmanians Arriving in Tasmania

The COVID-19 situation changes frequently. Please refer to the Tasmanian Government COVID-19 website for all current information on coming to Tasmania. In accordance with Section 60 of the Emergency Management Act it is an offence to fail to comply with the lawful direction of an emergency man...

The Law for Tasmanian Residents Returning to Tasmania

Please recognise that the COVID-19 situation changes frequently. It is important that you rely on the Tasmanian Government COVID-19 response website for current information. Tasmanian residents returning from the mainland may be able to undergo 14 days of quarantine in their own home, instead ...

The Law when Arriving in Tasmania from a Covid-19 Hotspot

If you arrive in Tasmania from a place which has recently witnessed a large number of active cases of Covid-19 different laws will apply to you. The Tasmanian Government publishes an updated list of these locations here. Importantly, these laws do not apply to people who have just transited throu...

Does the Law Say I Must Get a Covid-19 Test?

There are a very limited number of circumstances where a person in Tasmania may be legally obligated to take a Covid-19 test. As always, check the Tasmanian Government website for information on when you are required to be tested.

When Do I have a Legal Obligation to Isolate Myself?

Once a person has been diagnosed with Covid-19 the law obligates them to comply with what authorities tell them to do and this may include self-isolation. In April 2020 the Director of Public Health made a direction, which is now the law in Tasmania, stating once a person is diagnosed with the di...

Page last updated 27/08/2020

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