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Consumer Affairs Contacts and Resources

There are many agencies operated by both the Commonwealth and Tasmanian governments responsible for the receipt and resolution of complaints, as well as private, independent industry-based dispute resolution schemes.

Most of these are referred to in the relevant subject chapters of the Law Handbook. Readers are referred to the chapter dealing with their specific area of complaint as well as to the list given here.

The following list deals mainly with areas that are not dealt with in any detail elsewhere in the Law Handbook. Where appropriate, addresses to useful Internet sites have been provided.

General Complaints

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has powers to investigate ACL based issues.

However, it is not a mediation service and while it can provide information about your matter it will not actively seek to resolve it for you.

For this reason referring information to the ACCC is better thought of as informing authorities, rather than taking active steps to achieve an outcome for yourself.

You can read more about the ACCC’s processes here.

The Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (APRA) is similar to the ACCC in that it takes more of a supervisory role to regulating the insurance, finance and superannuation sectors.

It does not handle individual complaints.

You can view more information on referring a matter to APRA here.

Complaints and Alternative Dispute Resolution Schemes


Asides from Ombudsman Tasmania there are two key Federally funded ombudsman services which may be able to hep you mediate a dispute.

These are firstly the Australian Financial Complaints Authority handles complaints about a wide range of issue including banking, credit and financing, investments and financial advice and superannuation.

And secondly the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) which provides assistance to consumers who are undergoing a dispute with internet and phone service providers.

If your complaint concerns a provider of healthcare services the Tasmanian Health Complaints Commissioner is able to engage in conciliation in some circumstances.

If the complaint relates to a lawyer then the Legal Profession Board of Tasmania is the most appropriate authority.

The Hobart Community Legal Service is also likely to be able to suggest other appropriate avenues for accessing mediation and conciliation services.

Page last updated 15/12/2020

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